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  • Keren Mussman

My perfect pet

Years ago, I found the perfect way to raise a happy healthy pet. This quick guide is what I teach my clients.

For a Healy happy pet, the most important ingredient is love. Love your pet, give them hugs and enjoy their company all the time. If there's any reason they are giving you a hard time, whether the problem be behavioral ,mental, or physical, ther is a solution. Don't let anything stop you from loving your pet and enjoying their companionship.

Make sure you pets have a comfortable environment. Get them a bed if you don't want them to share yours, make sure they have food ( preferably quality one) , always have a fresh bowl of water and so on.

Don't forget to give them the Veterinary care they need and deserve throughout the year. Whether it be vaccinations, flea and tick medicine, and whatever other treatment they require, bring them to your favorite nightborhood vet.

Take your dog to a longer walk at least one a week. If you are a person of sports, by all means include your pet in the activity. If you are a busy business woman, take the time for at least one long walk a week.

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